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Carbon Monoxide Detection in Minneapolis

At Randy’s Electric, we are concerned for the safety of your family, which is why we offer dependable carbon monoxide detection. With all the tragic events in the news about carbon monoxide exposure and fires, we want to help you upgrade your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the safest available. The law in Minnesota states that there must be carbon monoxide detection placed outside of each legal bedroom, within 10 feet. At Randy’s Electric, we want to interconnect them with your smoke detectors, so that if one goes off, they will all sound. This gives your family the time needed to deal with the problem.

If we replace at least two smoke detectors in your home, we will upgrade one of them to a smoke/carbon monoxide detector for FREE! Please call our Minneapolis electrician for more information.

PLEASE NOTE – We have seen quite a few failures of smoke detectors that are almost new! The manufacturers say they are only good for 8 years, and C/O detectors start losing sensing ability in as little as two years! Have a professional, drug-free background checked licensed electrician evaluate you system so you and your family are safe.

Just last winter I received a call at 9 pm ( I always answer the phone) from a client. She said “My best friend is here in my kitchen and told me to call you right now!” Then she said “Her house just burnt down!” Here’s what happened. This couple believed in smoke detectors and had battery ones installed everywhere. They were watching TV in the evening and smelt something burning. So they started looking around and traced it to the door to the basement. They opened the door and had flames and smoke rush into the room. Then they could hear the smoke detectors! So we went over and interconnected my client’s smoke and CO detectors so when one senses trouble, all the detectors go off. Wherever you are, you can hear it. PLEASE-your home and your family depend on hearing the alarms ASAP! We have a few options for doing this in every home.

Call Randy’s Electric today and get on the schedule to have us equip your home with reliable carbon monoxide detection!


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