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Flickering Lights Repair in Minneapolis

We get a lot of calls for flickering lights repair in Minneapolis from people who are tired of their lights going on and off on a regular basis. If you’re having the same problem, give us a call and we’ll get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

A lot people report that their lights flicker much too often – in some cases every minute. Most of the time these lights are on separate circuits. Here are some of the common reasons that lights flicker, and what we can do to help.

Reasons that Lights Flicker in Minneapolis

When current flows through a wire, there is a certain amount of voltage that needs to be used in order to make that current flow freely. This is known as “resistance,” and results in less voltage for various appliances. When your appliances turn on and off, that changes the amount of voltage being supplied to your lights. That will cause them to flicker.

Voltage can drop significantly due to the “inrush current” found in many appliances, meaning the draw much more current when they first turn on. While it is obviously important that your electrical system is properly designed, that will still not eliminate flickering. While it will be barely noticeable, it will still exist.

When Flickering Lights are Signs of Larger Problems in Minneapolis

Again, when flickering happens this is basically a function of the resistance that exists in a circuit. Most of the time this is normal and really shouldn’t be that much of a concern. However, if the amount of flicker changes even though you haven’t done anything to your electrical system, or the flickering becomes substantial, then you may have a larger problem that requires the help of a professional electrician.

These problems include:

A loose circuit connection – This is probably the most serious problem because it means that there is dangerous heating that is taking place at the connection point. This not only poses a high risk of electrocution, but a fire as well. Take care of this problem immediately.

A failing switch – While this is not quite a serious a problem, it is still one that requires immediate action.

A motor that is hard to start – The flickering may not have anything to do with your electrical system, but rather a motor in a large appliance such as your furnace or air conditioner. If a motor is experiencing a bearing failure, for example, that will require it to work harder when starting. This, in turn, means that it will draw more current and make any flickering more noticeable.


If you have become fed up with the constant flickering in your home, call Randy’s Electric today. We’ll come out and determine whether the problem is minor or is a sign of something major. We will completely describe exactly what we see and we won’t start any work until you are completely informed and you agree with what needs to be done.

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