4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Electrical Outlets

8 December 2016
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You need electrical outlets for a wide range of purposes. If you’re looking to plug in your phone charger because your iPhone is running out of battery, you need an outlet for that. If you’re looking to heat up leftovers in the microwave, you need an outlet for that too. They’re one of the most essential parts of your home’s electrical system, and you wouldn’t be able to function in your home without them. Unfortunately, many homeowners will take their outlets for granted. You may not even think about your outlets all that much. It isn’t until they are smoking or badly damaged do they even warrant attention, but you should change this behavior for the better. Allowing any problems with your outlets to persist can only lead to something worse. An old, faulty outlet is highly dangerous and can increase your risk of a home heating fire and electrical shock. It is especially concerning if you have young children in your home, who may be curious enough to play around with outlets. You may also risk damaging your outlets once you plug them in, meaning you will have to pay more for appliance replacement and emergency electrical repair. You may even see lower property value, especially if your outlets are found to be outdated and unfit for a modern home. If you want to stop these problems before they even begin, you need to know what signs are telling you the time for replacement is now.

Why You Need to Call Randy’s Electric for High-Quality Service

When you sense your electrical outlets have seen better days, you need to call Randy’s Electric. We know how much the average home relies on outlets, and we have a team of local electricians who will do whatever it takes to ensure homes in the local area are equipped with outlets they can depend on. Our electricians can provide a home safety inspection to ensure all areas of your home’s electrical system are safe and secure. If they sense your outlets will be not be able to meet your home’s electrical demands, they will replace it with new outlets as soon as possible. Our outlets are designed to last for years and withstand anything. If you need electrical power for any of your appliances, your new outlets will deliver electrical power in a flash. Even better, they offer incredible safety benefits that will ensure you stay far away from the risk of home heating fires and shock. They will help you relax so much easier in your home, especially when you know your family’s electrical needs are fully being met.

When Should You Replace Electrical Outlets?

So, when should you replace your electrical outlets? If you are not sure when the time is right, please take note of these 4 warning signs:

  1. Home is Equipped with Two-Prong Outlets: Over fifty years ago, the National Electrical Code (NEC) made grounded three-prong outlets a requirement in all homes. Grounding an outlet refers to having a direct circuit path back to the actual earth or ground for extra current, which is exactly why a three-pronged outlet is necessary for your home. However, even all these years later, your home may still be equipped with two-prong outlets, which are outdated and unsafe. Keeping those outlets in your home will greatly increase the risk of an electrical fire simply because the outlets cannot maintain the amount of electricity needed in your home.
  2. Outlets Have Significant Damage: Be on the lookout for worn outlets, which may mean you won’t be able to insert cords properly into the receptacle. If the cords slip out easily or are hanging out of the outlet, the proper voltage current may not have the proper channel to flow. Also be aware of broken plate covers, which will expose the electrical outlet’s inner mechanism. Any outlets appearing exhausted from years of use will need to be replaced.
  3. Home Is Equipped with Builder’s Grade Outlets: If your home has been built by a contractor but you did not specifically request a higher grade outlet, you may just have a builder’s grade outlet in your home. Though they are known for their lower installation costs, there are also notorious for their overall poor quality and shorter Commercial grade outlets will prove a much better choice, which are built to last up to 100 years. If this situation applies to you, upgrade immediately. 
  4. Outlets Have Underground Receptacles: Ungrounded receptacles have no real way to channel electrical current to a ground source, which is why you should replace them with three pronged outlets for safer electrical performance. In addition, please call an electrician at Excel for further inspection of your home’s electrical system. With a little a more savvy on the ins and outs of your electrical system, you will be able to determine whether or not you need to replace your electrical outlets.

Ensure Your Home’s Electrical Safety Is The Best It Can Be And Replace Any Faulty Electrical Outlets Today

Contact Randy’s Electric today if you want better electrical performance in your home by having us replace your electrical outlets.


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