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28 February 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Light Installation Minneapolis

Whether It’s for Aesthetic Value or Functionality, New Lights a Great Addition

When we get calls from customers for a new light installation, typically they have already purchased the fixture they want. If that’s you – then we’re happy to tell you Randy’s Electric will install it for you. But, if you are someone who knows you want some upgraded lighting in your home, but aren’t exactly sure of what kind, we can walk you through it.

Not only can we walk you through it, but we can provide you with whatever lighting option you choose.

Selecting Light Fixtures for Your Home

  1. First things first, you have to decide what you are using the new light fixture for. Is it for functional purposes, or just to add an aesthetical value to a room or rooms in your home?
  2. But, don’t worry, you aren’t alone with that process either. Randy’s Electric technicians will come to your home and thoroughly inspect the areas you are looking to add the lighting. We will make our suggestions and/or give you advice on the choice you have already made.
  3. Then, once we narrow down exactly what you need, we can provide you with a wide variety of lighting options. Whether you want soft indoor lights for your bathroom, pendant lights for your kitchen, or recessed lighting for the living room – we have, and install, them all!


Randy’s Electric¬†Installation Process

Before starting any type of job, we will assess the area we are working with so we know we’ll do the work properly. Once that’s done, the indoor lighting installation is pretty pain free. We can typically install indoor lighting fixtures to an existing circuit in just a couple of hours. If, however, you want lighting in a new room in your home where there aren’t any electrical connections, it may take a little longer as we have to add circuits.

We perform all work according to local codes and can guarantee you will love your lighting for years to come. No, seriously – we guarantee our workmanship forever and all of our parts for five years so if you’re not happy, we’ll come back and fix it.

It’s time to brighten up your home. Call Randy’s Electric today!


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