Outdoor Safety Lighting Considerations

24 October 2016
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Outdoor safety lighting can make all the difference in how safely you live in your home this fall. However, even with rates of home break-ins in the United States proving higher than ever, some homeowners still refuse to take advantage of it. What they do not realize is how essential outdoor safety lighting can be to a home’s security system. An area of a home’s exterior without adequate lighting at night becomes so much more of a prime spot for break-ins. This includes both the front and back of your home. Your family’s well-being will be put at risk, and it will be difficult relaxing in your home with the threat of intruders constantly in the back of your mind. In addition, you will notice your home’s property resale value sink down to an all-time low. After all, who would want to consider buying a home without essential features keeping their family safe? A lack of safety lighting is an automatic repellant for homes on the market and a buyer will be more likely to look elsewhere.

Calling Randy’s Electric for High-Quality Service

If you want to improve home safety, look further than Randy’s Electric for high-quality service. Our lighting installation is the quickest and most efficient in the Minneapolis area, ensuring you have outdoor safety lighting in no time. Your well-being and the well-being of your family are our highest priorities. The main goal of all our electrical services is to keep you safe and sound, and our work on outdoor safety lighting is no different. Plus, with additions made to home safety, you can see that property resale go on the rise again. Potential buyers will be far more interested in buying a home that looks out for their well-being. Above all else, our services allow you to relax so much more. Thanks to just a few additions to your home’s exterior, you will enjoy a better peace of mind for this entire season and beyond.

5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting to Consider

With so many different lighting options available for you, it may be a little tough deciding what will truly be right for you. You certainly do not want to spend your money toward the wrong type of lighting, and that’s where our team comes in to help you. We recommend these 5 lighting options aimed at helping you live safely this season:

  1. Motion Sensor Lighting: Motion sensors are one of the most popular forms of exterior lighting available. They can detect someone’s presence on your property by flashing on immediately once they sense movement. The suddenness of the flash will startle intruders and scare them away. For most effective use, please mount them closer to your home, so cars or passersbys on the street do not set them off. This means the intruder will have to get up close to the home and potentially leave them unable to escape without being identified.
  2. Pathway and Driveway Lighting: You may think driveway and pathway lighting are just for decorative purposes, but they do prove quite useful in reducing the risk of home break-ins. Though it may seem too obvious for the intruder to enter through the front of the home, it happens more often than you think. However, installing pathway and driveway lighting may lower that possibility. It will also provide a safe pathway in the event you need to evacuate your home, preventing you from tripping over anything and injuring yourself.
  3. Outdoor Hanging Lights: And speaking of protecting the front of your home. Outdoor hanging lights are great for front porches and doorways. Since they illuminate the front door, an intruder will be less likely to try to break in that way, ensuring they are detected even before they have a chance to enter. This type of lighting also does wonders for your home’s aesthetic, adding new light to the architectural features of your home. Even the smallest features of your home’s front yard will light up and turn heads.
  4. Flood Lighting: If you want your home to be extremely visible at night, you should definitely consider flood lights. This type of lighting provides so much lighting that it will make it difficult for intruders to hide anywhere on your property during the nighttime. Even trees and shrubbery will light up, which are usually the most common hiding places. In addition, if you want an immediate boost to home aesthetic, this will provide a quick solution.
  5. Lanterns and Torches: Need lighting that will add more atmosphere to your backyard party but also keep your home safe? Then you should install post lanterns and torches. Though generally seen as decorative, and they can add a lot to aesthetic, they can also work as outdoor safety lighting that prevents intruders from entering your home through the backyard. Many intruders will often try the back of the home first, as they believe this area will be less lit. However, adding a few lanterns and torches will give them little space to hide.

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark – Schedule Your Outdoor Safety Lighting Installation Today

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