Why You Need Our 7 Point Home Safety Inspection Part 1

13 March 2014
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Here at Randy’s Electric, you and your family’s safety is our number one priority. Problems in your home’s electrical system can lead to shortages, increased risk of shock, and even potential home fires. That’s why we’ve created our 7 Point Home Safety Inspection, your whole home solution for everything home electrical safety. Here is what you can inspect from our comprehensive home protection inspection:

1) Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Inspection

When most homeowners think home safety, they think about their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensuring that these two systems are in proper working order are critical to the safety of your home and family. All too often we find these essential protection measures in poor working order: dead batteries, disconnected or out of date, this equipment is easily ignored. We can help get your smoke detectors back in proper working order, keeping your home and family safe.

2) Whole House Surge Protection Inspection

Having the proper surge protection in place doesn’t only protect the expensive electronics you have all over your home, it also helps prevent major damage to your home’s electrical system. If you already have a home surge protection system installed, we’ll check things over to ensure that it’s functioning properly. If your home is current unprotected, we’ll walk you through your options and find the best system to protect your family.

3) Security Lighting Evaluation

Never underestimate the value of having the proper security lighting for your home. The latest in home security lighting provides superior protections for your home that doesn’t crank up your electrical bill.  With home security lighting, placement is everything. Home invaders won’t simply walk up and knock on your front door, they’ll look for the easiest ways to enter your home through the darkest areas of your property, allowing them to go unnoticed. You need an expert technician to walk you through the ins and outs of home security, and ensure that every area of your home is covered.

Next week we’ll cover the final four features of our 7 Point Home Safety Inspection: Outlets, Grounding, and Pools! To be continued…


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