Why You Need Our 7 Point Home Safety Inspection Part 2

20 March 2014
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Last week we covered the first four features of our 7 Point Home Safety Inspection. Your home’s electrical system provides power to all of the modern conveniences that we enjoy every day. When these systems are not properly maintained, all of that power can be dangerous, threatening the safety of you and your family.

4) Service Panel Inspection

Your service panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. You need to ensure that your panel is fitted properly for your home’s electrical needs, is free of all corrosion and rust, and is in good working condition. Anything less than a perfect service panel can spell serious problems for your home’s electrical system. A proper inspection will identify any avoidable issues that may occur.

5) Outlets and Switch Inspection (including GFI’s)

Outlets and switches are the parts of your home’s electrical system that you and your family interact with the most. Any issues or breakdown in this equipment can be very harmful, especially for children in the home. During our inspection, we’ll ensure that all outlets are properly mounted, delivering the proper amount of electricity, and have no visible signs of wear or corrosion.

6) Home Grounding

Without the proper grounding, harmful amounts of electricity can damage you or your home’s equipment. This is not as simple as having the proper outlets and cords with grounds… you need your whole electrical system to have a way of sending excess current back to your service panel or sent into the ground via a grounding rod. Our technicians will find any flaws within your home’s electrical system, allowing us to create a plan for

7) Pool and Spa Electrical Safety

For the lucky homeowners who have pools and spas in their home, have you ever taken the time to consider the electrical systems behind them? Ensuring that these systems are in proper working order is critical for their safe and consistent operation. Our expert technicians will fully inspect these systems, ensuring that there are no major issues.

To learn more, visit our signup form or call the office today. Your family’s safety is our number one priority!


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