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Randy’s Electric Local Community Donations

School should be an environment where kids can feel safe, healthy, and ready to learn! That’s why it’s so important that the cafeteria’s in our district be able to provide affordable — and even free — lunchtime meals to students.

42% of kids in Minnesota School District 279 are eligible for free or reduced priced meals…but that means that over 11,000 currently aren’t. If a family doesn’t qualify for these meals, they aren’t denied food, but the lunch debt from those kids’ meals can add up. Currently, it’s around $12,000, which is three times higher than normal.

Randy’s Electric Supports the “School Lunches Matter” Mission

That’s why Randy’s Electric supports Passion Church in its efforts to completely pay off Maple Grove’s lunch debt with a charitable donation! As a Christian company, Randy’s Electric is particularly supportive of this effort and has already made its donation.

Would you like to help Paster Jonathon Brozozog in the mission of providing lunch for every kid? Check out this site by clicking here, or learn more about the cause by reading the article here.

Here at Randy’s Electric, we aren’t just a home service company — we’re a part of this community. Call Randy’s Electric for service or contact us about a local community you think deserves a donation today.

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