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Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient indoor lighting that adds ambiance to your home or you want beautiful lighting for your landscape, the experts with Randy’s Electric can help. We combine our technical expertise with a creative eye for design to turn your home into a showplace both inside and out.

At Randy’s Electric, we’ve stood for quality services and products for over 15 years, offering our clients the full benefit of our experience and training in order to accommodate a wide range of needs. Whether your whole home lighting design needs an overhaul, or you could use some updated fixtures, we have the tech, technique, and drive to get the job done right.

Dial 612-470-0914 any day or night if you’re looking for a licensed electrician “near me,” or contact us online to schedule your outdoor or indoor lighting consultation!

Selecting Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

First, you’ll want to choose the right type of lighting for your project, from both a functional aspect and an aesthetic one. This can be adding more overall light, improving the quality of light you have, adding task lighting, or it can include other goals. Once that’s done, we will come to your home and thoroughly inspect both the inside and outside of your structure and electrical systems to make sure you the lighting you want will work, and will overall be effective in suiting your needs.

We offer plenty of lighting systems, products, and types, from soft indoor lights for your bathroom and energy-efficient LEDs to landscape and hardscape lighting to add appeal and security to your home’s exterior.  You will not only get the right system, you’ll get one that provides energy efficiency to help minimize your monthly energy bill.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MS

Our electricians are licensed, insured, and bonded and we’ve been handling lighting installation projects—both indoor and outdoor—for decades. Whether you need a few fixtures, or you’re looking to entirely rethink the way your home is lit, our team offers the technical experience and expertise needed to complete the job on time and on budget.

Depending on the type of project in question, the installation process we use will vary! Indoor lighting installed to an existing circuit can be done in an hour or two at most, while if we are incorporating new light systems we will likely need to add circuits and outdoor wiring. That can take a good deal longer! However, it’s time well spent in the name of safety, performance, and precision.

Our lighting installation services include:

Call 612-470-0914 for an electrician “near me” in Minneapolis or St. Paul, or contact us online to schedule your outdoor or indoor lighting consultation!

Interior & Exterior Lighting Installation in Hennepin County

Ready to create the indoor lighting you’ve always dreamed of? Looking for exterior lighting specialists that can make your home safer and more visually appealing? Randy’s Electric can provide it all! Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners in the Twin Cities area, so contact us today to get started!

To schedule your consultation contact us online at any time! Randy’s Electric offers lighting installation to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, and the surrounding areas!

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