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If you have an older home, it may still be wired using the old “knob and tube” approach. Not only is this an outdated method of wiring, it could also be dangerous. If your home is wired in this fashion, please call Randy’s Electric as soon as possible for knob and tube replacement to make sure your home is up to code.

The Importance of Replacing Knob & Tube Wiring

If you have knob and tube wiring, your home could be at a substantial risk of an electrical fire. Also, your family members may be at risk of shock or electrocution. You should have your knob and tube system inspected and upgraded to today’s electrical standards.

What to Expect During Your Knob & Tube Replacement

We value your home and will do our very best to make the knob & tube replacement process smooth and clean. There are circumstances where we will need to cut a hole in your ceiling or wall to run new wires and take out the old. This is all circumstantial and will be determined by the electrician and/or estimator. You can expect a crew that will show you and your house respect by creating the least amount of drywall damage as possible.

Information on Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was chiefly used from the 1880s until the 1930s. However, there are some homes that were wired in this fashion even into the 1950s. This method was deemed the best option for electricity usage and loads were limited because there were relatively few electric appliances at the time.

In this method, wires were soldered and spliced together – without junction boxes – inside walls. They were then wrapped with electrical tape. Porcelain knobs were nailed to wood studs and joists, and wiring was rubber and cloth and covered with #14 copper. Porcelain tubes were inserted in holes with conductors inside. As a result, knob and tube wiring never touched plaster or wood structures inside a home. When the heat was produced by electrical loads or overloads it dissipated in the airspace between partitions and rafters.

By looking at splices and conductors, an electrician can determine the integrity of your knob and tube wiring. If the conductors are dry or bare, or you have stiff or crumbling installation, they must be replaced immediately because they are probably caused by short-circuiting or excessive current, among other reasons.

Call Randy’s Electric to find out more about how we can make your home’s electrical system not only efficient but also safe.

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